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About My E-Coach

What is it?

My E-Coach is a way for coaches and mentors to make connections, keep a log of interactions with coachees and mentees, and to create a supportive community via an open discussion forum. The online platform has been provided by Yorkshire and the Humber Leadership Academy to support coaching and mentoring relationships in health and social care in our region. 

Coaches and Mentors from the NHS organisations we work with are approved by a 'Champion' from within their organisation.  Freelance or independent Coaches and Mentors are also welcome to create an account to use My E-Coach to make themselves available to potential clients.

Creating an Account and Making Connections

All account types available through My E-Coach are free to register, and can be designated as more than one type - for example your account can be classed as Coach and Mentor.

Coachees and Mentees are free to browse My E-Coach to find a suitable Coach or Mentor for their needs, make contact through the platform and then decide together on next steps. My E-Coach will keep details of all messages, meeting dates, associated files for the coaching/mentoring relationship as it progresses. 

My E-Coach also has a discussion forum which all members are welcome to access to share best practice, useful documents and ask questions of the community.